Ciao and welcome to Casella's Salumi Speciali, home to delicious cured meats made in the ancient traditions of my first home, Italy, and produced here in my second, America. 

There are many reasons why my salumi are special, but it all starts with the pork. I only use heritage breed pigs, grown here in the U.S. by leading farmers committed to raising their animals the old-school way, just like we do in Italy. These pigs are happy, pastured-raised and treated humanely, and as a result, their meat tastes like pork should. 

Equally important, I season my salumi with my own blend of “droga italiana,” a mixture of spices, dried herbs and other ingredients, from fennel seeds to cinnamon. This is a tradition that dates to Roman times, when each butcher and salumiere had his own “droga” recipe, closely guarded it, and handed it down to the next generation. With Casella’s Salumi Speciali, I am bringing that practice across the Atlantic to share my history with you. 

Each type of Casella’s Salumi Speciali is made with 100 percent heritage pork. Hand-crafted, cured meats made in America by a pork-crazed Italian! Incredible ingredients. Age-old recipes. No shortcuts. Try them all!